The story all started back in 2010 when at Norah Jones concert I saw for the first time that the drummer sits on a "wooden box" playing the rythm on it and how good it sounds. At that time I was increasingly interested in acoustic music, and also wondering on how can I have a solution for replacing a full drumkit when it comes to unplugged, kind of chill out concerts. Than the solution came to me: the Cajon.

I immediately started thinking on how can I make one for myself. When I finished making one, soon I had to make an other one for one my musician friend, and an other one for another musician friend of mine, and the story goes on...

So I can say that T.G. Cajon is a small micro-business grown out of a DIY hobby. For now the whole process resulted in this small well finished cajon portfolio.

As a musician I aim to design and make musical instruments that sounds good, looks good, and it is joy to play. The technology of the making process has constantly formed and evolved and being

formed and developed today. I use high quality selected birch wood for the cajons (that's why you can see the birch leaf in my logo), and high quality tools throughout the making process. The result is a good looking cool "wooden box" with well defined deep bass and responsive snare sound that gives life to the rhythm.

From the test videos you can get to know how each cajons sound like, so if you order one, you can be sure that you'll get what you have seen and heard. Each type of cajon (Snare, String, String Pro, Snare Pro) is constantly produced in a small series using well-tried plans and  woodworking strategy.

None of the cajons leave my workshop without proper adjustments and sound check.

Greetings, Gergely Teglas