smart flamenco


Most important details...

  • Birchwood string cajon.

  • Nature colour body, walnut colour marinated playing surface.

  • Laser engraved logo.

  • The body and the playing surface is covered with multiple layer of wear-resistant varnish.

  • Slip-resistant rubber feet.

  • The cajon is tested & pre-set with optimum snare and bass sound, ready to play.

Tuning and adjustment

At the bottom of the cajon, next to the front rubber feet, the tension of the two paralell vertical string can be adjusted with a hex key. By turning the bolt inwards the strings tension increase, and by turning the bolt outwards the strings get loose.

The strings should not be overtensioned and should not be too slack also (eg. the strings contact the playing surface). The adhesive tape dampenings on the inner side of the playing surface ensure pure, non-sizzling bass sound.

From the test videos you can get to know how each cajons sound like, so if you order one, you can be sure that you'll get what you have seen and heard. None of the cajons leave my workshop without proper adjustments and sound check.


Height 48 cm (with rubber feet 49.5 cm),
Width 29 cm,
Depth 30 cm.

3-ply 3 mm thick quality birch plywood for playing surface.

10 mm thick body and 6 mm thick back panel from quality birch plywood.

Price: 165 EUR


48 900 Ft

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